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Full Featured Smartphone PBX- No Wi-Fi or High Speed Data Needed!!

  • Economical- typical business user can expect to save over $550 per line annually
    as compared to standard hosted VoIP PBX
  • Efficient- all the feature you expect for today's business and it goes where you go
  • Quality & Security- uses cellular minutes not public Wi-Fi

People Are Talking

  • "…Thanks to 35orless excellent customer support for their help!"
    -Customer on Howard Forums
  • "....Thanks You Guys ROCK!"
  • “Thanks for working with me to keep me as a customer! Awesome, awesome, awesome, thank you Mike.”
    -Customer Zach
  • “I have been using the service for about 2months now. Without a doubt, its been excellent so far.. Voice quality, data coverage excellent.. I travelled around 1000miles and every where I was getting data & voice (of course EDGE speeds in remote places). Highly recommend for others”
    -Customer on Howard Forums
  • “I've been so impressed by your prompt responses to questions, and everyone who has tried the service has been so happy!”
    -Customer on Howard Forums
  • "You have been so helpful thank you again for being such an awesome customer service person! Really excited to switch and try my new phone!"
    -Customer Keri
  • "Thank you Shannon!! I Just wanted to say that I appreciate you going above and beyond to make it right for a customer."
    -Customer Bronx NY

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