When less G is more...This is the phone that will have the biggest impact on transforming the consumer cell phone market.  I can already hear the Techies/Geek squad in my office muttering how crazy I am.

But wait it's only 3G ?!

How important is 4G for traditional cell/smartphone user?  I had an Apple iPhone 4s on 3G and never was wanting.  Why?  I don't know, I guess I like watching movies on a big TV with surround sound and not on my little phone screen - call me cooky. 

Let's look at the specs:

4.5 inch screen HD 720P


5 megapixel

Flash - Yes LED

Front facing- Yes 1.3 megapixel

Chipset: Qualcom Snapdragon 400 Quad core 1200 mhz

System memory:  1GB

Storage: 8Gb or 16Gb

Battery: 2070 mAh

OS:  Android 4.3 Kit Kat

Price:     $179 8GB or $209 16GB


You can't get a loaded phone like this anywhere near $200.  All over the web, we see Moto G compared to the Nexus 5 (another fantastic value).  In all comparisons, the Nexus 5 does a little better.  All reviewers seem to forget that the Nexus 5 is $150 more.  To put it another way,  it's 84% MORE expensive! 

The Moto G is for the 35orless consumer who wants all the latest functionality and speed to run the latest apps without forking over the price of a flat panel TV.  Another big positive- Google owns Motorola so the Android OS will always  be native to it- seamless like Apple with iPhone. 

Now, back to why this is so incredible.  Up  until now, consumer had to fork over some serious $ to get a good phone.  Phones that weren't considered top tier were still upwards of $450.  Your high end phone cost $600-$700 without carrier subsidy.  So consumer would bite the bullet get a phone for "Free" or an iPhone for $100-$200 and spend $70-$100 or more for service for the next 2 years.

Now some quick math let's use Verizon current pricing- (makes the math so simple)

iPhone 5c 16 GB $100 w/ 2 year agreement subsidy

line fee $40

shared 2GB plan $60

$100 x 24 + $90(phone cost)= $2,260 over 2 years


The 35orless alternative:

Moto G- with 16GB $209 no contract

35orless service month 1 $35

next month ???

Let's be conservative and just use $30 (we all hope it will go lower)


$209+35 (1st month service) + (30X23) = $934 over 2 years


Savings $1,326 !


Now, do you get it?   This phone could single handedly put the final nails in the 2-year contract coffin.

That's some serious $ in your pocket, Welcome to 35orless


Best deal on Moto G is at the Motorola store.  Make sure to get the USA GSM version



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