So Verizon came out with a prepaid no contract subsidized deal on the Moto G  @ $99  a savings of $79 compared to buying direct from Motorola

Sounds too good to be true = because it is

Little things are left out of the press release.

  1. it has to be on prepaid for at least 6 months @ minimum plan rate of $60 before you can move it to a cheaper postpaid plan.  The no contract that feels like a contract!

  2.  Like other Verizon prepaid phones it's locked to prevent use on any of their MVNO platforms

The real math  :


Moto G  $99

minimum service cost $60 x 6 = $360

Total Cost:  $459



Moto G direct from Motorola Store $179

Service cost:  $35 - 1st month, less thereafter ($25.50 Jan 2014 rate)

Real no nontract, no commitment!!!

Cost over 6 months at most  ($35x6+$179)

Total Cost:  $389

Savings $70 + the ability to go to any GSM carrier if we screw up :)

But let's face it, with our discount program you know it will be even less!!