35orless is the value king in wireless.  We are the only company in the USA that actually drops our rate during the month with our ALL customer discount - LIVE Plan

So why don't we have - a 4 year old $50 phone on our website?  The difference between value and cheap.  Our customers expect value - not junk. 

Nokia 521

Release date April 2013 (not 3 years ago- current technology)

OS - Microsoft 8 (once again the most current version of Windows not Android 2.x from 4 years ago)

Dual core 1ghz processor- (next generation processor- because more speed is better!!)

4G - speed, speed, and more speed!!!  why buy 3G when you can have 4G?

720p display- high definition on 4.0 inch display- cheap phone just don't compare

WiFi calling - in a basement, bunker- NORAD?  no  coverage jump on WiFi  to make a call, it's FREE with the Nokia 521


Additional stuff:

Office hub:  mobile versions of MS Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint, multi function 5 MP camera with a plethora of settings, GPS  turn by turn driving directions, visual voicemail, and a bunch of Apps (a lot of them for FREE) from the Microsoft store.


CNET Review "Bottom Line-  Nokia's Lumia 521 is one of the best bargain smartphones on any platform...."


35orless where value never means sacrifice!!!