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Taking Enterprise
Connectivity To New Heights


At NOTR, finding creative answers to difficult problems is one of our top priorities. Discovering innovative approaches of utilizing technology that will contribute to the creation of a prosperous future for business and individuals, is the primary focus of our organization.

Private Network

The Private Network connections has private access with all major North America network providers. These agreements ensure that customer data in transit on the network is interchanged with the carrier chosen by the customer at a common, private facility rather than a public exchange point. This enhances monitoring capabilities, ensures reliability and increases security of the data in transit.   The use of private network connections with all carrier partners also allows us to offer a solution that is secure starting at the SIM-card level. Our solution does not require any software to be installed or a special security configuration on each device. Our connection is safe by design, so it will work the same way in any device where the SIM card is used.  If security is important to you and your customers this is a network that can't be hacked or put into ransomware because it is invisible at the network level.




Managed Services

With our networks, software, and data-driven insights, our platform provides the framework for secure, effective, and adaptable connectivity, enabling you to fully utilize the power of connectivity. With a user-friendly UI, multi-carrier compatibility, scalability, real-time notifications, actionable insights, web filtering, and an unbreakable firewall. 


Services for deployment

The deployment of IoT services can pose logistical difficulties. Without the capacity to promptly and efficiently move devices from the inventory into the hands of users, your implementation could lead to failure. NOTR provides a solution for IoT device management that pushes new levels of efficiency and quality in your supply chain to ensure the successful launch of your project.


Lifecycle Management

The complete process of managing a product's lifespan can be difficult to understand, but NOTR makes it easier for businesses to do so. Beginning with the design phase, management lasts all the way through the product's life cycle and eventual retirement. It's also useful for helping businesses prepare for and take advantage of emerging technologies with future deployments.


Wireless technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in all aspects of our lives and in businesses. Wireless will continue to develop and connect an increasing number of devices as a result of advancements in mobile technology and emerging applications for IoT.  The NOTR team of wireless experts and our private network solution will enable you to successfully manage, monitor, and secure all of your wireless devices, allowing you to successfully facilitate the digital transformation of your business. NOTR will help you to manage and implement new ways to use wireless devices, no matter what industry you work in or what you use them for.






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