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Every component of a manufacturing process may be linked, evaluated, and controlled from a central hub with the help of industrial IoT solutions. Greater productivity with reduced overhead costs.

When it comes to powering mission-critical applications that must maintain constant connectivity and secure connectivity, we collaborate with businesses from a wide range of industries. When you work with NOTR, you'll have access to all the hardware, infrastructure, and administration tools you need, all from the cloud. With the help of NOTR, you can think of innovative approaches to satisfying your consumers, expanding your business's revenue stream, and modernizing how you do business.

Paying Customer


Retailers can collect the data necessary to fine-tune the layout of their stores and malls through the use of IoT. Consider replacing human sales associates with automated technology and using customer data to improve store layout, fitting room efficiency, and the quality of product recommendations.

Massive adoption of IoT in the retail sector will not completely do away with jobs for the workforce entirely. Instead, workers will have more time for high-value, customer assistance projects.

When electric appliances break down, it can cost a company a lot of money and damage their reputation, not to mention waste a lot of product. This gives  managers IoT capabilities in retail operations management to stay ahead of maintenance issues and perform preventative measures. Real-time monitoring of equipment and alerts allows management to be more efficient and focused on mission critical customer needs.


Working with organizations that offer security services and connecting on a Private Network from beginning to end is not only essential, it is mission-critical.
Private access agreements with all major network providers (within the USA) ensure that client data in transit on the network is exchanged with the customer-selected carrier at a private facility as opposed to a public exchange point. This improves monitoring capabilities, ensures data integrity, and strengthens data security in transit. Using private network connections with all of our carrier partners enables us to provide a system that is secure from the SIM-card level up. Our solution requires neither the installation of software nor a unique security setting on each device. The connection is intrinsically secure from beginning to end.


Even the greatest broadband infrastructure is susceptible to periodic connection interruptions. Each year, internet disruptions continue to affect tens of thousands of organizations around the globe.

In today's workplace setting, a standalone cellular gateway or router with LTE connectivity that instantly switches over when the primary network fails is vital. During an outage, our cloud-based malware and defense solutions integrate with your existing security architecture to provide supplemental protection.

The solution may be seamlessly integrated into your existing network infrastructure and is compatible with all major wireless networks in the United States. Our backup Internet for organizations allows centralized control and monitoring of data and devices. Using policy controls, we confirm that neither data nor funds are squandered on non-essential operations.


Energy-management systems employ real-time data on power use to optimize electricity, and switch dynamically to more cost- efficient schedules, and devise an effective and sustainable energy consumption strategy based on usage trends. It allows charging stations to personalize their services to EV drivers and respond in real time to unforeseen circumstances.

With increased adoption of electric vehicles and federal financing supporting the expansion of EV charging infrastructure, the EV market is expanding quickly. EV Charging solutions, always needs to be connected to a secure and dependable network. Charging stations vary in form and complexity, it is crucial to select a partner who offers end-to-end services so that you can concentrate on developing your business without being concerned about equipment procurement, configuration, shipping, and deployment.

Sustainable Energy

Pro A/V

The services we've developed for creating wireless private networks allows for high-quality, low-cost remote live broadcasting over the mobile network. This is because less manpower is required on location (OB-Van isn't necessary if a local production team is present), reducing production costs and allowing media outlets to cover more events for the same budget. Currently available options mostly cater to news collecting, an area where prioritized wireless connections can be used when the general public may experience congested networks. The success of any production relies heavily on the availability of reliable, high-speed, and secure network services.  NOTR provides many connectivity options to the broadcasting industry.


Consulting Services

The NOTR team has a combined 80 years of experience in executive management, operations, and sales. We have concentrations of experience in operating companies that provide services for enterprise B2B, and have had several successful product and service launches nationwide. We combine functional and industry experience, exceptional insights, practical ideas, and the commitment and know-how to unleash value across your business. We deal with complexity. And we assist you in becoming more agile, inventive, and resilient. Our top priority is to provide what matters most: Results.

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